Tissue Cooling Center, BK-CPIV, ESMC, BIOBASE, China


Tissue Cooling Center, BK-CPIV

  • Model: BK-CPIV
  • Brand: BIOBASE
  • Product origin: CHINA


1.Environmentally friendly fluorine-free refrigerant is selected, with low noise and fast cooling effect

2.The temperature control adopts a single-chip microprocessor controller, and the temperature setting is simple

3.With temperature control mode and super cooling mode, high temperature control accuracy

4.The cooling temperature can be adjusted to achieve the ideal cooling effect

Technical Parameters

Temperature Control Range 5to -20℃(Max to -28℃)
Control Temperature Precision ±1℃
Working Area Size 360*300mm
Power 300W
Power Supply Standard: 220V 50/60Hz, optional: 110V 50/60Hz
Machine Size 630*350*400mm
Net Weight 23kg
Packing Size 785*490*490mm
Gross Weight 36kg

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Tissue Cooling Center

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