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#Digital titrator test kits, HACH, USA


  • Hach digital titrators use a high-precision dispensation device and replaceable titrant cartridges for highly accurate results in the field or lab. More than 50 different paramaters and/or ranges are available to suit many testing applications. Each kit includes comprehensive instructions, apparatus, reagents, and a rugged carrying case.
  • Quick-change cartridges allows the user to switch parameters in seconds, and each cartridge provides between 40-100 titrations, depending on sample concentration. Common parameters available include: Hardness, Alkalinity, Chlorine, chloride, Sulfite, sulfide, carbon dioxide, and acidity.
  • Delivery: 800 digits/mL or 0.00125 mL/digit
  • Accuracy*: ± 1% for readings over 100 digits. (Uncertainty
  • of readings is 1 digit. Most samples require more than 100 digits.

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