Ultrapure water machine


#Medium trial series ultrapure water machine


  1. The unique membrane treatment technology and accessories in the United States can adapt to different municipal tap water in China;
  2. Unique source water Clean pretreatment Wtr res-clean system, which can extend the service life of consumables and ensure the long-term normal operation of the instrument;
  3. The reverse osmosis system has the function of automatic, manual and regular washing, and effective protection to prolong the service life of RO membrane;
  4. Chinese-English bilingual control switch (factory default is Chinese), more in line with your language habits;
  5. The multi-functional FLOM control system has the functions of no water, failure of consumables, expiry of consumables, water leakage, water full alarm, automatic fault detection, water quality parameter setting exceeding the alarm function, as well as various operation data storage function, and customer password protection function, to ensure the safety of operation data;
  6. Unique three-pump design and fully closed pipeline design automatically circulate regularly during non-water intake period to maintain stable water quality;
  7. 7. 5.1 “large LCD screen can directly display various operating parameters, including water quality and temperature of inlet, RO water and UP water.
  1. Can simultaneously produce pure water and ultra-pure water, automatic and continuous water production, operation parameters can be adjusted;
  2. The water system is completely separated from the circuit system to completely eliminate safety risks;

Application field

Semiconductor washing water, optical lens, high purity quartz stone, crystalline sand, nanobiology

Central water supply system for materials, ultrasonic cleaning, iron and steel enterprises, universities and research institutions

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