Ultrapure water system


#Laboratory ultrapure water system


  •  Six – generation ultrapure water machine
  •  Fully intelligent UI system
  •  Cloud backup service
  •  Monitoring all-in-one
  •  True color touch screen control system


  1. LCD touch screen control system has a fault automatic detection, automatic diagnosis system, water quality exceeding alarm, automatic alarm system has material failure and remind to replace function, built-in time washing procedures, built-in timer automatic cycle, water and electricity automatic protection alarm, automatic alarm when stop water shortage, water in full automatic standby state;
  2. The internal design of the machine is timed and quantitative water intake. The customer can set the required amount of water at will in 0-9999ml and press the button to take water.
  3. The main machine is equipped with a one-key disinfection function of pure water and ultra-pure water. If the water pressure is too high, it can be one-key pressure relief.
  4. Unique membrane treatment technology and accessories in the United States can adapt to different municipal tap water;
  5. built-in ultrapure water recycling program design, boot quickly reaching 18.25 M Ω · cm @ 25 ℃, stable water quality, water water convenient and quick, do not need to wait;
  6. The multi-function LCD touch screen system has unique password protection function and operation parameter storage function to ensure operation data security;
  7. Fully closed pipeline design to avoid secondary pollution and maintain stable water quality;
  8. Automatic continuous water production, real-time operation status display, operation parameters can be adjusted;
  9. The water system is completely separated from the circuit system to completely eliminate the potential safety hazard;
  10. The equipment conforms to the national laboratory water standard GB/t6682-2008, the Chinese national standard for ultra-pure water of electronic grade (GB/t11446.1-1997), and the American standard for water of experimental grade (CAP, ASTM, NCCLS).
  11. The one-piece water intake handle is comfortable to hold and easy to operate with only one hand. The water intake arm bracket can be raised and lowered freely, with 360° rotation, and an anti-slip base; Independent water intake function (ultra-pure water);

    12. The multi (30 l) : water tank air filter to reduce environmental pollution, such as CO ₂, particulate matter, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds; The dual level sensor device of the water tank provides additional security guarantee for the system, with independent high level sensing and control, achieving abnormal ultra-high level (110%) protection, and cooperating with whole-process level sensing, achieving normal high level (100%) and low level (10%) ultra-pure water production protection.

   13. Cloud backup: it conforms to the design of GLP, automatically records the data of equipment operation, alarm, printing, etc., and automatically uploads the system operation data to the cloud backup.