Ultrasonic dehydration processor


#YABO500 ultrasonic dehydration processor


  • With acetone recovery: Boiling point of acetone at about 56 ℃, ultrasonic tank temperature is about 70 ℃, usually are in use acetone evaporates, resulting in waste and harmful. Acetone recovery unit through the lids to heat the acetone into liquefied gas recycling, saving agents, to avoid environmental pollution.
  • Seal cover: With closures designed to reduce the noxious fumes, thus reducing environmental pollution
  • Three high-power ultrasonic output, and can adjust the output size: YABO500 rapid dehydration ultrasonic ultrasonic device can adjust the output size, the user can size or number of organizations and different reagents to adjust the ultrasonic power required to achieve optimal work results.
    With water alarm: Such as lack of water in the tank can be automatically cut off the heating and alarm to ensure that the device is safe and reliable condition
  • Automatic Memory working status: After setting the working parameters can be automatically memory and storage
  • Functions with audible alert: When the timer reaches the set temperature and the end of a sound prompt, easy to use.


Model: YABO500
Tank temperature setting: 60℃~85℃ set arbitrarily
Regular time ultrasonic: 1 minute ~ 99 minutes
Ultrasonic probe: 3 probe
Ultrasonic output regulation: Continuously adjustable
Dimensions: 64×36.5×20cm
Warranty: 1 year
Supplier Elite Scientific & Meditech Co.
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