uniTOC, MembraPure

uniTOC, MembraPure, Germany

The uniTOC device uses the full oxidation by UV. The oxidation process can be enhanced with additional dosage of reagent (persulfate). By using the NDIR detector the uniTOC gives precise results in applications of ground water to ultrapure water. The NDIR detector is absolutely selective to carbon dioxide and therefore independent from conductivity and sample temperature. Measuring times are short and the continuous self-cleaning of the reactor avoids any cross-contamination. Since the quality of the stripped gas can be low, the use of pressurised air in combination with our air filters saves money and is optionally available.

Technical Specifications:

method & detection: UV oxidation (full) & NDIR

sample volume flow: 20 mL (low range), 5 mL loop (high range)

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) range: 2 to 5000 ppb (low range), 15 ppb to 20 ppm (high range)

related norms: USP <643>, EP 2.2.44, DIN 32645, 21 CFR part 11, IP 45

uniTOC advantages

  • NDIR detector / TOC is detected directly over CO2 and not via a 3rd parameter (conductivity). Therefore no limit to conductivity.
    • available for two ranges of TOC
    • 9 months UV lamp life guarantee / 50% longer life time range than usual
  • 2 sample inlets / 2 points of the loop can be measured ,so double efficiency
    • Remote service / Instrument can be connected to internet to get service diagnosis

Calibration & System Suitability Test (SST)

Calibration and SST of the uniTOC is easy and can be done by the user. Online operation is interrupted briefly for the system checks to be performed. The operator simply has to connect the inlet with the calibration standard solutions and the diluting water sample. The software enables the user to perform calibration and SST independently and the programmable sequence ensures the automatic procedure and data evaluation of the test. The verification of the TOC results according to the requirements of USP and Ph.Eur is realised by the periodic performance of system suitability tests.


pressure regulator for medium

If the feed pressure is higher than 1.5 bar a pressure transducer is required,

offline version

An offline configuration is available for the uniTOC

air filtration unit

to use compressed air instead of oxygen or nitrogen

heat exchanger

keeps the temperature below 50 °C degrees