UV Vis double beam spectrophotometer, OPTIZEN™ Alpha


UV-Vis Spectrophotometer double-beam type OPTIZEN™ Alpha, OPTIZEN™ Alpha UV-Vis Spectrophotometer double-beam type


The luxuriously designed OPTIZEN Alpha is spectrophotometer to use double-beam method.

OPTIZEN Alpha can grasp the quantitative characteristics such as density or purity by measuring transmittance or optical density according to wavelength of sample in the range of ultraviolet rays and visible ray.
OPTIZEN SERIES can be utilized from not only a general analysis experiment to but also a specialized research field and guarantee accurate measurement and excellent reproducibility, accordingly offer reliable results in the various fields such as environment, biotechnology, chemistry, etc.

Main Characteristics

  • A world-class measurement performance
  • Wide-size color screen (ALPHA: 8”)
  • Various cell compatibility and fast cell type choice
  • Automatic measurement of lots of samples by equipping multi-cell.
  • Convenient voice service and volume control
  • Emotional design


Photometrics System Double-beam type
Spectral Bandwidth 1 nm (190 to 1100 nm)
Wavelength Range 190 to 1100 nm
Wavelength Setting 0.05 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±0.3 nm (For entire range)
±0.1 nm (656.1 nm)
Wavelength Repeatability <± 0.1 nm
Slew Rate About 8,800 nm/min
Scan Speed max 6,000 nm/min
Photometric Range Absorbance : -4 to 4 Abs
Transmittance : 0 % to 400 %
Photometric Accuracy Less than ± 0.005 Abs at 1.0 Abs
Light Source Tungsten Halogen Lamp & Deuterium Lamp
Stray light < 0.02 % Nal at 220 nm, NaNO₂ at 340 nm
Photometric repeatability ± 0.0002 at 0.5 Abs
± 0.0006 at 1.0 Abs
± 0.001 at 2.0 Abs
Baseline stability < 0.0003 Abs/h
Baseline flatness <± 0.0005 Abs
Lamp interchange Wavelength 340~410 nm (Default 370 nm)
Power Requirement 100~240 V; 50~60 Hz
Operating system(OS) Windows 10 (Embedded PC);
Weight(kg) 14 kg
Dimensions(WxDxH) 520(W)x500(D)x200(H)
Standard cell Holder Autometic Rotary type 8-position Multi-Cell Holder
Supplier Elite Scientific & Meditech CO
Visit us www.elitetradebd.com

Product details

The previous single beam type spectrophotometer has a weak point of error occurrence in measuring a sample, because of the movement of a light source by time lag in measuring the strength of between a reference light and a light from sample.
To solve the problem, OPTIZEN Alpha was designed as a double-beam type spectrophotometer.
The system utilizes an additional reference beam to improve the measurement performance by compensating the intensity fluctuation of its light source.

Product information

  • Offering self-diagnosis function
  • Easily and quickly call up the information that is being measured or analyzed by registering it in you favorites.
  • Changing to the remote mode and then can link it with PC by using OPTIZEN VIEW.
  • The measurement is possible in the optimal condition by checking the equipment’s operation time, lamp warm up condition and accumulated using time in real time.
  • OPTIZEN Alpha’s login function can prevent the measured data from leaking to many and undesignated persons.

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