Vacuum tube furnace, TF series, ESMC, Taisitelab, USA

1200°C Vacuum Tube Furnace, TF series, Taisitelab, USA


  • Quick connection flange structure is adopt for gas path, loading and unload just by a clip, fast and convenient.
  • The furnace is divided into upper and lower parts. The upper part of the furnace can be turned back 100° for easy access and
  • observation of materials.
  • The furnace is made of polycrystalline mullite fiber vacuum adsorption, warming up uniformly. more than 50% energy saving.
  • The patented air conductivity and heat insulation technology guarantees the service life and constant temperature effect of all components in the box.
  • Start the electric furnace and the exhaust temperature fan will run automatically at the same time. After the end of the experiment, the exhaust temperature fan will continue to run until the temperature of the furnace body is lower than 60℃, and the exhaust temperature fan will stop automatically, effectively protecting the surface of the furnace body.
  • Automatic power off when the chamber been opened, over temperature protection, leakage protection, to ensure the safety of use.
  • Microcomputer PID control temperature, can optional programmable 40 segments of program temperature control.
  • The gas circuit assembly is made of 316 stainless steel, corrosion resistance, atmospheric corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.


Temperature zone: Single temp. zone Double temp. zone
Model: TF12D50 TF12D60 TF12D80 TF12D100 TF12D50S TF12D60S TF12D80S TF12D100S
Brand: Taisitelab
Origin: USA
Mfg. in: China
Temp. range 300~1200°C
Temp. resolution 1°C
Temp. uniformity ±1°C
Heating rate 0~20°C/min
Heating zone 420mm
Thermostatic zone Single zone:210mm; Double zone:280mm
Max. vacuum 0.1MPa
Shell Spraying cold rolled steel
Chamber Ceramic fiber
Chamber size External: Φ 240x500mm; Inside: Φ120x420mm
Furnace tube Quartz tube
Furnace tube size 50×1000 60×1000 80×1000 100×1000 50×1000 60×1000 80×1000 100×1000
Furnace tube size 50/43×1000 60/53×1000 80/72×1000 100/92×1000 50×1000 60/53×1000 80/72×1000 80/72×1000
Heating device OCr27A17Mo2
Heating power Single zone: 3Kw; Double zone: 3.2Kw
Thermal insulation Double forced air diversion
Open mode Flip up (about 100°)
Controller Double row LED digital display
Timer Nothing /0~999.9Hours
Operating mode Single segment, optional program running 4 curves, total of 40 segments or maximum 50 step with touch screens
Sensor K-type thermocouple
Optional function USB, Programmable controller; programmable touch screen controller
Safety device Over current leakage protection switch
Exterior size 660x400x600 mm/980x400x600mm
Packing size 1110x570x920mm/1110x570x920mm
Weight 80kg/85kg
Power supply AC 220V 50Hz
Standard Pneumatic assembly (include vacuum meter)x1, Heat resistant gloves x1, Quartz tubex1, Quartz tube block x2, Hookx1, Quartzboatx1
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