Vapour pressure moisture determination apparatus, EIE-POY-01, ESMC, India


Vapour pressure moisture determination apparatus with glass parts (EIE-POY-01)


The unit will be suitable to find out the percentage of moisture determination in the raw and dry Polyester chips.

Details of Apparatus

  • Built with special purpose and customized design
  • Developed through versatile span of industry experience
  • Complete unit will be supplied with heating unit, stand and glass parts for working at 200 °C.
  • Temperature is controlled by Auto‑tune Digital PID temperature controller cum Indicator.
  • Supplied complete with 4 Nos of spare moisture tubes, one bottle of 50 gram silicon grease and connecting rubber tubes.

Optional Accessories At Extra Cost

  1. Imported Oil Free Piston powered Vacuum Pump with Vacuum Gauge and regulator, Max Vacuum 650mm/Hg OR
  2. Indian make Oil free Diaphragm type Vacuum Pump with Vacuum gauge and regulator, Max Vacuum 550mm/Hg OR
  3. Rotary High Vacuum Pump, Oil Filled, with Vacuum Gauge and regulator, Max Vacuum 760mm/Hg
  4. Spare Set of Glass parts

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