Vibrating Table ASTM grade, ESMC, Bangladesh


Electrical Vibrating Table ASTM Grade Price in Bangladesh

  • Brand: Elite
  • Country of origin; Bangladesh
  • Electrical vibrating table
  • Application: Concrete mold
  • Standard: ASTM grade


Electrical vibrating table for concrete

Vibrating tables are an extremely useful piece of equipment for any manufacturing facility.

A vibrating table is useful in settling, densifying, and compacting dry bulk materials,

as well as releasing air bubbles from concrete or other liquid materials.

Frequency of vibrating table

Vibration Tables can constructed featuring variable displacement of up to a maximum of 30mm,

adjustable in real time using electronic controls; frequency can also be varied between 0 and 200Hz, depending on the specifications

Vibration tables work

Vibration table, also called vibrating table, relies on the vibration motor as the core power source. The main function is to vibrate the material, discharge the air holes, reduce the air and gaps in the material,

thereby increase the internal tightness of the profile and improve the product quality

Images are reference only. Actual product may be different.

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