Vicat Test Apparatus ASTM grade, ESMC, India


ASTM grade MS Vicat Test Apparatus Price in Bangladesh

  • Brand: N/A
  • Standard: ASTM grade
  • Materiel: MS
  • Country of origin: India


Vicat apparatus test

This standard covers the requirements of the Vicat apparatus used for determination of consistency of standard cement paste and initial and final setting times of cement.

The materials of construction of different component parts of Vicat apparatus shall be as given in co1 2 of
Table 1. Recommended Indian Standards for different materials, where available, are given in co1 5 of Table 1.

Dimensions of different component parts of Vicat apparatus shall be as detailed in Fig. 1 and 2


 Which can be attached at the other end
1. Needle C for determining the initial setting time,
2. Needle F for determining the final setting time, and
3. Plunger G for determining the standard consistency.

Movable Rod
Movable rod B shall carry an indicator which moves over a graduated scale attached to the frame D.

Vicat Mould
The Vicat mould shall be of truncated conical form with an internal diameter of 70 f 5 mm at the top, 80 f 5 mm at the bottom and a height 40 f 0.2 mm.

The mould shall be adequately rigid and shall have a minimum wall thickness of 4 mm. A non-porous g&S or Staink SS Steel base plate shall be provided.

Packing list:

  1. Vicat frame 1 Pcs
  2. Vicat mold 1 Pcs
  3. Consistency plunger 10 mm dia 1 Pcs
  4. Supporting glass plate 1 Pcs
  5. Initial needle 1.13 mm dia 1 Pcs
  6. Final needle 1.13 mm dia 1 Pcs

Images are reference only. Actual product may be different.

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