Voltage Regulator



Automatic Voltage Regulator is composed of servo motor, control circuit, compensator(or compensated transformer). It is suitable in computer network project, electronic instruments, armarium, research institute, measurement and test device, factory test board and so on.


*No waveform distortion;

*Special power can be customer-made;

*Free from the effect or frequency variation of supply;

*Over-voltage, under-voltage protection, delay(selective) protection, error protection;

Technical Parameters:

Power Range 0.5-3KVA 5-10KVA 15-40KVA
Input Voltage 150V-250V 150V-250V 170V-270V
Output Voltage 220V±3% and 110V±3% 220V±3% 220V±3%
Overvoltage Protection 246±4V
Delayed Long5±2 min 3 seconds
Efficiency >95%
Note Special power can be customer-made.
Model Power Range Output Current (max) Packing Size(W*D*H) mm Gross Weight(kg)
BSVC-0.5KVA 0.5-3KVA 2.3A 370*390*340 9.5
BSVC-1.0KVA 4.5A 400*420*360 11
BSVC-1.5KVA 6.8A 400*420*360 11.5
BSVC-2.0KVA 9A 440*500*400 16
BSVC-3.0KVA 13.5A 440*510*430 19
BSVC-5.0KVA 5-10KVA 22.5A 570*420*550 25
BSVC-7.5KVA 32A 570*420*550 30