Vortex Mixer XH-C, 2800 RPM, 30W, ESMC, Wincom, China


XH-C Analog Laboratory Vortex Mixer

  • Model: XH-C
  • Brand: Wincom
  • Origin: China

Technical Specification: 

  • Inching 2800rpm
  • Power rating 30W
  • Shaking frequency Continuous 2800rpm
  • External dimension Ø105×142mm

Being of the compact design, no noise and easy for operation, the product has two functions of continuous and inches, which is suitable for blending of the blood routine (anticoagulation tube, 820 sample cup, and 900 sample cup, etc. ) with the character of full mixing and no damage to the blood cells. Comparing to the manual operation, it is more convenient and also can be used for liquid mixing in other containers.

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