Wall mounted ultrasonic flow meter,BQ-ULF-100W

Wall mounted ultrasonic flow meter,BQ-ULF-100W


#Wall mounted ultrasonic flow meter,BQ-ULF-100W

#BQ-ULF-100W Wall mounted ultrasonic flow meter

The BQ-ULF-100W wall mounted ultrasonic flow meter is designed to measure the fluid velocity of liquid within a closed conduit. The transducers are a non-contacting, clamp-on type, which will provide benefits of non-fouling operation and easy installation.the wall mounted ultrasonic flow meter utilizes two ultrasonic flow transducers that function as both ultrasonic flow transmitters and receivers. The transducers are clamped on the outside of a closed pipe at a specific distance from each other. The transducers can be mounted in V-method where the sound transverses the pipe twice, or W-method where the sound transverses the pipe four times, or in Z-method where the transducers are mounted on opposite sides of the pipe and the sound crosses the pipe once. This selection of the mounting method depends on pipe and liquid characteristics. The flow meter operates by alternately transmitting and receiving a frequency modulated burst of sound energy between the two transducers and measuring the transit time that it takes for sound to travel between the two ultrasonic flow transducers.

Technical parameters

Product BQ-ULF-100W Wall Mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Pipe Size 15mm-6000mm
Linearity 0.5%
Repeatability Better than 0.2%
Accuracy Better than ±1%
Power AC220V or DC24V ; Consumption        Less than 1.5W
Accuracy Better than ±1%
Output Analogue output: 4-20mA or 0-20mA current output. Impedance 0∼1k. Accuracy 0.1%
OCT output: Frequency signal (1~9999HZ)
Relay output: over 20 source signal (no signal, reverse flow etc.)
Communication: RS485 Modbus RTU
Liquid Liquid Types:

Water, sea water, industrial sewage, acid & alkali liquid, alcohol, beer, all kinds of oils which can transmit ultrasonic single uniform liquid

Temperature: Standard: -30˚C – 90˚C ,High-temperature:-30˚C – 160˚C
Turbidity:     Less than 10000ppm, with a little bubble
Flow Direction Bi-directional measuring, net flow/heat measuring

Selection of ultrasonic flow sensor

Type Specification Model Measured Pipe Size Working temperature Dimension

Tri-clamp Sensor

Small TS-2 DN15 – DN100 -30℃~90℃ 45*25*32mm
Middle TM-1 DN50 – DN700 -30℃~90℃ 64*39*44mm
Large TL-1 DN300 – DN6000 -30℃~90℃ 97*54*53mm
High Tempetaure

Tri-clamp Sensor

High temp/Small TS-2-HT DN15 – DN100 -30℃~160℃ 45*25*32mm
High temp/Middle TM-1-HT DN50 – DN700 -30℃~160℃ 64*39*44mm
High temp/Large TL-1-HT DN300 – DN6000 -30℃~160℃ 97*54*53mm
Rail way

Tri-clamp Sensor

Rail way/Small HS DN15 – DN100 -30℃~90℃ 318*59*85mm
Rail way/Middle HM DN50 – DN300 -30℃~90℃ 568*59*85mm
Rail way/Extended EB-1 DN300 – DN700 -30℃~90℃ 188*59*49mm
High temperature Rail

Tri-clamp Sensor

High temp rail/Small HS-HT DN15 – DN100 -30℃~160℃ 318*59*85mm
High temp rail/Middle HM-HT DN50 – DN300 -30℃~160℃ 568*59*85mm
High temp rail/Large EB-1-HT DN300 – DN700 -30℃~160℃ 188*59*49mm