Water Level and Flow tester

Product Description:

Hoskin Scientific Ltd. can meet all needs for water level and flow monitoring from individual research grade systems to large scale network deployments. A large array of sensors and methods from direct contact pressure transducers and bubblers to non-contact radars and ultrasonic sensors can be integrated to provide real-time monitoring. These custom designed systems also have the ability to activate and transmit pre-defined alarms and thresholds. When combined with the variety of telemetry options available our custom designed water level and flow monitoring stations can provide you with accurate, real-time data from anywhere in the world.

Example Water Level and Flow System:
– Water Level Bubbler Gauge
– Acoustic Doppler Current Meter
– Non-Contact Radar Level Sensors
– 120 AHr battery enclosure system (E-E99-EB-12V-120)
– 30 watt solar panel (E-E99-SOLAR-30)
– NEMA4 Enclosure (E-E99-9210-ENC)
– Sutron 9210 datalogger (EA82-9210-0000-2B)
Optional telemetry: Satellite, cellular, radio


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