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Water Stills with Silica Sheated Heaters _ESMC, Germany


Water Stills with Silica Sheated Heaters

  • Brand: Omsons
  • Origin: Germany


Water stills are carefully designed to produce high-purity pyrogen-free distilled water. The water still of borosilicate glass comprises a horizontal type boiler, condenser, constant level device, silica sheathed (Quartz) heater, and stand and clamps. Compact Design.

All parts are replaceable.

Features :

  • Borosilicate condenser the boiler is fitted with a removable silica-sheathed heater & screw-threaded connectors for easy cleaning when scaling is formed.
  • Distillate temp. is around 25 to 45°C which is ensured by efficiency.
  • The stand is powder coated for rust-free operation and a lustrous appearance.
  • The unit automatically switches off if the water level in the boiler falls below the heater.
  • Cooling water from the condenser is re-circulated into the boiling chamber, saving energy.
  • Boiler is provided with a Replaceable side over Flow for easy draining and cleaning of the boiling chamber, which also reduces the chances of breakage.
  • Fuse is provided for safety in case of voltage fluctuation or short circuit.
  • Electrical Power: 220/240 V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase Supply.
  • Unique Feature: This model is equipped with a Built Safety Cut-off Device which protects the glass in case of water failure & overheating.
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CAT NO Output (mL) Cooling Water Consumption Power Rating
210/1 1.5ltr/hr 40ltr/hr 1.5KW
210/2 2.5ltr/hr 60ltr/hr 1.7KW
210/3 4.0ltr/hr 120ltr/hr 3.0KW

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