Zahm Model D.T. Piercing Device, ESMC, Selectech/Terriss


The Zahm Model D.T. Piercing Device Price in Bangladesh

  • Brand: Selectech Terriss
  • Country of origin: Africa/USA


The Zahm Model D.T. Piercing Device in Bangladesh

CO² Testers for Cans & Bottles

The Zahm Model D.T. Piercing Device is used to test carbonated beverages for volumes of CO² gas in glass/PET bottles and cans. This instrument uses a dual scale pressure gauge (0-60 psi & 0-4.2kg/cm2) and an adjustable 2″ dial thermometer (25/125ºF & -5/55ºC). It is available in one and three liter sizes. The Series 6000 Piercing Device will provide rapid and accurate determination of gas volumes in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages when used with the two pressure/temperature charts furnished with the instrument.

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