Angelantoni Life Science (ALS) Biolab Scientific Ltd, Canada BIOBASE BDSL Irvine Ltd Glassco UK

BDH PROLABO CONTROLS GROUP Euromex Netherlands Fisher Scientific Gilson company Inc.

Hach, USA Garments Lab test material SDCE UK Lovibond Germany Lutron Product in Bangladesh

Optima Japan Jeotech Korea Impact UK Hasnshin S&T CO. Ltd Radwag, Poland HumanLab, Korea Schott Duran, Germany Memmert Germany Merck Germany Sigma-Aldrich BDH PROLABO Scharlau Spain Loba Chemie India HANNA, Romania


Elite Scientific & Meditech CO. provides Quality Products and Good Services. We value our customers, their time and their requests. We facilitate our customers with online service request. As per the customer’s feedback, we analyze data on the basis. This step make possible to serve our clients in a better way.

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