Ariel Professional Colour, ESMC, P&G, UK

Ariel professional laundry detergent, UK

Product Features
•For use on all type of white and coloured textiles (20-95°C for whites and 20-60°C for colours) except wool and silk
•Contains an advanced surfactant system delivering excellent performance even in a short cycle and at low temperature (as of 20°C)
•No need for pre-washing or pre-soaking
•Contains brightening agents, activated oxygen bleach system and high technology enzymes
•Effective for use on all water hardness
Ariel Laundry Powder has a concentrated tough-on-stains yet-kind-to- colours formula. The powder contains an advanced surfactant cleaning system, which is bleach free and of a low PH, that penetrates deep into fabrics to lift even the toughest marks. Ariel’s 5 professional cleaning actions deliver outstanding results wash after wash;•Colour Protection•Freshness•Dirt Removal•Deep Down Cleaning•Tough Stain RemovalPlus the specially formulated detergent cleans brilliantly even at low temperatures and when using quick wash cycles. The powder is suitable to use on all types of white and coloured textiles (20-95°C for whites and 20-60°C for colours) with the exception of wool and silk. P&G Professional laundry powder with biological action.5 Actions in one wash for professional results.Gentle on colour, freshness, dirt removal, deep down cleaning, tough stain removal.
15-30% Oxygen-Based Bleaching Agents,5-15% Anionic Surfactants,less then 5% Non-Ionic Surfactants,Phosphonates,Polycarboxylates,Zeolites,Enzymes,Optical Brighteners,Perfumes,Hexyl Cinnamal

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