Cryo Gloves _ESMC, Tarsons

Cryo Gloves, Tarsons, India
  • Brand: Tarsons
  • Origin: India

Cryo Gloves for Laboratory use

High quality cryo protective gloves provide thermal protection, flexibility and are essential for ultra low temperatures. Best seller & Supplier in Bangladesh Elite Trade BD, Elite Scientific & Meditech Co.

Details about Cryo Gloves

Cryo Gloves:

Code Places
371010 Wrist S
371020 Wrist M
371030 Wrist L
371040 Wrist XL
371050 Mid Arm S
371060 Mid Arm M
371070 Mid Arm L
371080 Mid Arm XL
371090 Elbow S
371100 Elbow M
371110 Elbow L
371120 Elbow XL

Cryo Gloves Water Proof:

Code Places
381010 Wrist S
381020 Wrist M
381030 Wrist L
381040 Wrist XL
381050 Mid Arm S
381060 Mid Arm M
381070 Mid Arm L
381080 Mid Arm XL
381090 Elbow S
381100 Elbow M
381110 Elbow L
381120 Elbow XL

 N.B-Images are reference purpose only. Actual product may be different.

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