Formic acid 98%, CH2O2


Product name: Formic Acid 98%, HCOOH CH2O2 (Hill)

Synonyms: Formic Acid, Methanoic acid, Formylic acid, Formic Acid 98%, HCOOH, CH2O2


Formic acid (also called methanoic acid) is the simplest carboxylic acid with the chemical formula HCOOH or HCO2H. It has a concentration of 89.0 – 91.0 with Cas. No. 64-18-6 and HS Code 2915 11 00.<br>Available in packs of 2.5Lt/Btl.

Molecular Weight: 46.03 g/mol

Chemical Formula: HCOOH CH2O2 (Hill)

Category: Solutions

Grade: Analytical Reagent

Brand: Smart lab

Manufacturer: PT.Smart Lab

Origin: Indonesia

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