Basic Analytical Mill and Universal Mill for Grinding and Pulverizing



The IKA Basic Analytical Mill A 11 and the IKA Universal Mill M 20 are designed for carrying out grinding of hard and brittle substances, without releasing dust, and for pulverizing softer, fibrous materials.

Crushing causes the material to be milled to heat up. This may not always be desirable because of oxidation, loss of moisture, evaporation of volatile compounds and other such changes.

The Universal Mill M 20 has a jacketed chamber and hose adapters to circulate cooling water or brine from a tap or circulating bath, and that is usually sufficient for materials that smear when hot or that produce oil.

Substances can also be cooled to make them brittle for grinding if they are relatively soft at room temperature. Dry ice (approximately -78°C) or liquid nitrogen (approximately -196°C) can both be applied in the chamber of the Analytical Mill A 11, but nitrogen cooling for material in the Universal Mill M 20 has to be done outside the unit.

These grinders are designed for bursts of activity, as the motors can overheat, and they have built in protection to prevent damage.

The grinders beaters and blades are replaceable. Fineness is primarily a function of how long the grinding operation is performed, but also depends on the properties of the material and the amount in the chamber.

Many substances can be ground, but in certain cases there is danger of dust explosion as a result of electrostatic charge. Check with the manufacturer IKA if the substances to be ground are not examples published in operating manuals such as grain, barley, corn, malt, pectin, roasted coffee, bark, roots, nutshells, bones, ergot, compressed materials, peat, cellulose, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, feed materials, spices, resin, potash, seeds, salts, slag. Cutters are for leaves, fibers, spices, grain, hops, cardboard, paper, hay, plastics, tobacco, peat, feed goods, dough and roots, and fish or meat.

Features of the A 11 Analytical Mill:

  • Batch mill for 2 different grinding procedures: impact and cutting of soft fibrous material
  • Impact grinding of hard, brittle or non-elastic grinding materials with included high-grade stainless steel beater that is suitable for use up to a Mohs hardness of 6
  • Impact grinding of materials with a Mohs hardness up to 9 with an optional beater A 11.3 coated with chromium carbide
  • Particularly tough substances to grind must be cooled, for example by adding pulverized dry ice or liquid nitrogen to the grinding container
  • An optional funnel is available that prevents the escape of ground material when nitrogen is being poured into the grinding chamber
  • Material must be initially broken down into pieces of approximately 1 cm in diameter
  • Cutting for pulverizing soft, fibrous materials is achieved with an optional cutting blade
  • Moist, fatty or sticky materials may cause problems by sticking to the sides of the chamber. In this case a small amount of water, filling less than half the chamber, can be added

Features of the M 20 Universal Mill:

  • Batch mill suitable for dry grinding of hard and brittle substances
  • Double-walled grinding chamber can be cooled through two hose adapters with water from a tap or circulating bath
  • Removable easy to clean grinding chamber
  • Included Stainless Steel Cuter M 21 is for crushing materials up to Mohs hardness 5
  • Optional Tungsten Carbide Hard Material Cuter M 22 for use on hard materials up to Mohs hardness 9
  • Grind dry and brittle sample volumes up to 250 mL
  • Mill is ideal for dried vegetation, soil samples, plastic granulates, frozen food samples. Fibrous materials can be pulverized with the optional star cutter.
  • Fan cooled, universal-type 2/3-hp motor is completely isolated from the grinding chamber by a dust-tight (not water tight) seal, unit not designed for liquids in the chamber
  • Duty cycle ON/OFF (with cooling) is 7 minutes/10 minutes respectively. Automatic shut-off protection safeguards mill against overheating and overloading.
  • Mill is constructed of heavy-duty cast aluminum with enameled finish; supplied cutting blade and the internal chamber are stainless steel
Model: Analytical Mill A 11 Universal Mill M 20
Process type: Batch Batch
Operating principle: Impact and Cutting Impact and Cutting
Motor rating input/output: (W) 160/100 620/260
Maximum speed: (rpm) 28,000 20,000
Circumference speed: (m/s) 53 72
Usable volume (maximum): (ml) 80 250
Feed hardness maximum: (mohs) 6 5
Feed grain size maximum: (mm) 10 7
Material beater/cutter: stainless steel standard A 11.1 supplied stainless steel standard M 21 supplied
Material milling chamber: stainless steel stainless steel
Power-on time ON: (m) 1 7
Power-on time OFF: (m) 10 10
Milling chamber, can be cooled with water: no Yes
Mill feed can be cooled in milling chamber with dry ice: Yes Yes
SMill feed can be cooled in milling chamber with liquid nitrogen: Yes no
Dimensions: W × H × D (mm) 85 × 240 × 85 170 × 350 × 170
Weight: (kg) 1.5 6.6
Permissible ambient temperature: (°C) 5 – 40 5 – 40
Permissible relative moisture: (%) 80 80
RS 232 interface no no
Analog output no no
Power: (V/Hz) 115/60 115/60
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