Vacuum Oven, VO49, 49 L, ESMC, Memmert, Germany

Vacuum Oven, VO Series, 49 L, Memmert, Germany 
  • Model: VO49
  • Volume: 49 L
  • Manufacturer: Memmert
  • Country of Origin: Federal Republic of Germany

VO49 Vacuum Oven

Digital pressure control ensures rapid and gentle vacuum drying. Its speed-controlled vacuum pump (accessory) saves around 70% energy.

Standard delivery Vacuum oven

The direct contact between the load and the heatable and removable thermos helves in the chamber of the Memmert vacuum oven VO ensures rapid and uniform temperature control of food, cosmetics, watches, books, PCBs or injection moulds, without the loss of heat.


The Memmert VO49 vacuum oven has a capacity of 1.7 Cu Ft (49 L) with a temperature range of Ambient +5° to 200°C and comes with dual digital display controllers with programmaning. Memmert VO vacuum ovens features the high-performance turbo dryer which impresses with its many intelligent features for gentle drying and precise, rapid temperature control, digital pressure control, directly heated and individually controllable thermoshelves, and simple programming via ControlCOCKPIT or AtmoCONTROL software. Combined together, the speed-controlled vacuum pump and the vacuum oven VO are an unbeatable energy-efficient pairing. The pump fits neatly inside the matching lower chamber.

  • Temperature range up to +200°C
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Vacuum control range: 5 mbar up to 1100 mbar
  • Timer: Digital backwards counter with target time setting, adjustable from 1 minute to 99 days
  • Vacuum pump (PMP) sold as an accessory
  • Inert gas connection for VO 49 and VO 101
  • 3 year warranty
Technical Specifications:
Volume approx. 1.7 Cu Ft (49 L)
Temperature range +5°C above ambient temperature to +200°C
Setting temperature range +20° to +200°C
Setting accuracy °C up to 99.9: 0.1 / from 100: 0.5
Temperature variation in Time (aluminum thermoshelf) ≤±0.3 K
Temperature uniformity (surface) at +160°C / 20 mbar (aluminum thermoshelf) ≤±2.5 K

TwinDISPLAY: dual TFT color touchscreens, manage data, save log files, monitor up to 32 devices online, automatic alarms emailed, archive of ramps and program sequences, real-time view of program sequences, Loops can be inserted within a temperature contol program at any place, download and manage programs via Ethernet or USB

Interfaces Ethernet and USB

Control technology

Digital over and undertemperature monitor, temperature monitoring band automatically linked to the setpoint (ASF), monitor relay for reliable heating cut-off in case of default, mechanical temperature limiter (TB), multi-level-overtemperature (MLOP) for each thermoshelf


Textured stainless steel, rear zinc-plated steel, TFT color display with touchscreen, safety glass door with inner bullet-proof glass and external anti-splinter screen


Stainless steel interior, material 1.4404 (ASTM 316L), hermetically welded, with removable mountings at the sides for cleaning, including thermoshelf guide bars, as well as mounting on top to avoid turbulences

Vacuum connection Small flange DN16, and gas inlet with fresh air supply
Vacuum control

Digital electronic pressure control for a speed-controlled vacuum pump. Tubing for vacuum, air and inert gas are made of material 1.4571 (ASTM 316 Ti). Adjustable from 5 mbar up to 1100 mbar. Programmable, digitally controlled inlet for air

Pump control

Optimised rinsing procedures for the pump membranes as well as signal output for pump ON/OFF

Air intake

Rapide aire intake for door opening without alteration of selected vacuum setpoint

Permitted final vacuum 0.01 mbar
Maximum leakage rate 0.01 bar/h
Chamber Dimensions (W x H x D) 15.2 x 15.2 x 13 inches (385 x 385 x 330 mm)
Distance between thermoshelves 3 inches (75 mm)
Maximum load per oven 132 lbs (60 kg)
Maximum number of thermoshelves 2
Maximum number of thermoshelves (with premium module) 4
Maximum loading per thermoshelf 44 lbs (20 kg)
Exterior Dimensions (W x H x D)

21.7 x 27 x 18.9 inches (550 x 687 x 480 mm) (door handle adds 38 mm)

Safety glass door

Textured stainless steel frame with spring-loaded safety glass on inside and anti-splinter screen ESG on outside of door

Door seal Endless silicone profile seal

aluminium eloxadised , mat. 3.3547 (ASTM B209) – with integrated large-area heating including local temperature sensing (Pt100, 4-wire-circuit); individual overtemp. protection for each shelf. Further data see stainless steel number inner working chamber

Standard works calibration certificate

+160°C at 20 mbar pressure measured in the middle point of the shelf. A separate certificate is provided for each thermoshelf ordered and shipped together with the vacuum oven

Electrical 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 2,020 Watts
Net weight approx. 183 lbs (83 kg)
Gross weight (packed in carton) approx. 229 lbs (104 kg)
Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D) 26 x 34.3 x 23.2 inches (660 x 870 x 590 mm)

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Vacuum Oven, VO49, 49 L
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