Dental Autoclave BADT-701, ESMC, Biolab, Canada


Dental Autoclave BADT-701, Biolab, Canada

  • Series: 700
  • Model: BADT-701, BADT-702, BADT-703
  • Brand: Biolab
  • Origin: Canada
  • Manufacturer: Biolab Scientific

Unique traceability system identifies load in different clinical and medical grade applications. Effectively sterilizes miscellaneous solid, hollow or porous (wrapped/unwrapped) materials and meets the requirement of today’s demanding clinical environment. Automatic sterilization along with safety operating features and drying function makes it a perfect solution for effective and rapid steam sterilization. Innovated to comply with international standards, reliable solution for sterilization needs of reusable equipments.

  • Fast and simple operation, Open water tank
  • Open storage tank, waste water tank, easy to clean
  • Concealment type interface
  • Drain valve, output interface conceal


Medical, Dental, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Research


  • Fast and simple operation, Open water tank
  • Open storage tank, waste water tank, easy to clean
  • Concealment type interface
  • Drain valve, output interface conceal
  • Each interface front cover is open, easy to operate
  • Chamber material is Stainless Steel (#304)
  • Test the pot body tightness
  • Built-in printer: The disinfection process date and data automatically printed
  • USB:Built-in USB interface, End of the work, the information stored in the U disk automatically
  • Automatic identification of fault protection system, Safe and fast judgment fault
  • Semi-automatic fault identifying system
  • 3 pulsating vacuum
  • Suitable for sterilizing wrap, unwrap, solid, porous, hollow device
  • Use imported & advanced 16-bit microprocessor, easy to operate
  • The jet type of steam generator, ensure the efficient sterilization
  • With alarm system for waste water tank, avoid the waste water to enter into the sterilizing circulation
  • Advanced self-test system ensure you get the working data freely
  • The steam generator cleaning procedures, Clean the machine lines automatically every 30 times to avoid jams
  • Open water tank, Avoid growing chloride toxins
  • Alarm: Storage tank water shortage, waste water tank filled with water
  • Powerful cooling system, Effective condensing steam automatic electronic security door lock


Capacity 18 L
Sterilization Temperature 121°C, 134°C
Vacuum degree -0.09Mpa
Steam leakage test Yes
Residual humidity <0.2%
121°C Solid Yes
121°C Porous Yes
121°C Hollow Yes
134°C Porous Yes
134°C Hollow Yes
B&D Test Yes
Vacuum Test Yes
Penetration test Yes
Chamber Dimension Ø249x355mm
Overall Dimension (LxWxH) 471x505x540 mm
Display 7″ full-color touch LCD screen
Door Automatic locking mechanism
Weight 60 kg
Power 1800 W
Power Supply AC220V/110V±10%
50/60Hz±1Hz Printer

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Dental Autoclave BADT-701, Biolab, Canada

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